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Thank you for stopping by. Nail Art 4 me is a place where nail technicians all over the world can share their work and discuss them, and also many other issues. This website is also building the biggest database of nail techs. all over the world. People interested in nail art could search and find work that they are interested in and then contact the technician. So basicially this website is also free advertising space, in which the technicians could accumulate clients.

In the near future webshops for many different countries will start appearing. If you are a member you will receive a discount on any of the items bought in any of the webshops inside the website.

All of this is for FREE!

Find a nail tech!

Anybody who loves nail art!

This website is not only for nail techs, but also for a anybody looking for a nail tech, or anybody who is interested or loves nail art. Feel free to look around. Hopefully you will be able to find a nail tech or some form of nail art you like on the site.

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Nail Art 4 Me.
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